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FABU Pile Driving Machine is used for 'pile driving' of piles on to the ground along the motorways.

Operating Instructions

  • Move Pile Driving Machine to spot where the work will be carried
  • Clean hose which attaches the compressor and the Pile Driving Machine By blowing air through. Then mount it to the lubricator.
  • Lift the machine by means of two screw jacks. Remove pins above front wheels 900 so the machine can move to the sides instead of back and forth. Secure the new position of the wheels by placing the pins back.
  • Bring the body back on this wheels by turning the screw jacks to left.
  • Lift boom By turning “BOOM LIFT” valve to “UP” position. (Figure 1)
  • If necessary level off the boom by means of screw jacks. Use water level mounted on the boom frame to check if it is levelled off.
  • Align axis of the hammer and operation spot by moving the hammer back and forth. Turn “BODY LIFT VALVE” to “BACK” to move it back. Turn the valve to “FORWARD” to move it forward. (Figure 2)
  • 1. Lift the hammer up by turning “HAMMER LIFT” valve to “UP” position. (Figure 3)
  • 2. Place a pile into socket at the bottom of the boom. Bring the hammer down by turning “HAMMER LIFT” valve to “DOWN” position. Make sure hammer head touches each corner of the pile. Turn “HAMMER LIFT” valve to “0” position. (Figure 4)
  • Set depth to which to pile will be driven by means of Rod Measure. Driving hammer will stop automatically when the pile is driven to the set depth.
  • Start driving the pile by turning ‘”HAMMER” valve to position “I”. When the pile driven to the depth of 30 cm turn the valve to position “II”. (Figure 5)
  • Turn “HAMMER LIFT” valve to “UP” position after pile driving operation is completed. Lift the hammer up until the head of the pile is freed. (Figure 6)
  • Bring the body back on its wheels by turning the screw jacks to the left.


    • Ensure that there is lubricant in container.
    • 1. Use one of the following lubricants if air tempreture is equal to or above 10 0 C .

BP Energol ME200cc

MOBIL Almo Oil No: 3

SHELL Tonna R Oil No: 3

ESSO Millcot K-55

  • 2 Use ESSO Millcot K-50 if the tempreture is below 2-9 0 C .
  • 3 Use DEMAG Kilfrost if the temprature is below 2 0 C .
  • When assembling hose which attaches compressor and pile driving machine secure lubricator end of it by hand and clean it by blowing air through. Repeat cleaning process every time when the hose is detached.
  • Choose right driving head for pile and attach it to hammer.
  • Do not attach deformed piles to the hammer.
  • Make sure axis of pile and axis of the pile driving hammer are aligned.
  • Try to keep driving speed at 15 cm/min. WARNING: Speed depends on ground structure and pile figure
  • Control compressor pressure regularly during operation. Pressure must be maximum 100PSI 6.9 BAR. Machine will be damaged if operated above 100PSI.
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